Hello Satellite TV! Goodbye Cable TV!

Technology is fast changing. With the birth of direct TV signifies the end of cable TV. DIRECT TV is known with its digital quality- video and audio. It provides television and audio services to subscribers through satellite transmissions; one of the reasons why satellite business is increasing tremendously. 

Satellite TV providers offered what the cable TV cannot. Asides from the fact that it is digitally transmitted, Satellite TV offers hundreds of channels you can choose from and it’s cost lesser compare to cable TV. Its packages can be utilized and enjoyed by up to four receivers with one satellite dish. 

There are various Satellite Equipments you can choose from, depending on your standards and features of the equipment you want to purchase.

Installation of dish network is done by professionals and it’s absolutely free. Plus, when you get the dish network, you can also enjoy lifetime warranty!  
Enjoy watching television with DIRECT TV!


  1. Satellite TV has become one of the greatest technological inventions of today. Only few years back cable tv operators had a monopoly in the pay television industry, and within that time frame there are 30 million satellite TV subscribers.

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