Guess how much is these pairs of footwears?

Mmmm.... Since from my title itself says it’s from ukay-ukay (used items) then I’ll guess you’ll give me a price of Php 70.00 or higher. Right?

Believe me, I got this two pairs of footwears for only Php 20.00 each. To cheap!!! But with ukay-ukay you really have to spend lot of effort and patient in looking for a pair of shoes that fits to your standards; style, durability, appeal (although it was already use), and comfort.

But sometimes it’s depressing, especially when you find the right one for you but the pair was lost or misplaced. So when you are face with this kind of scenario, you’ll only have to choose two options: leave the shoe and look for another pair or ready yourself to battle with mountain of ukay-ukay and do the rambling till you find the precious pair (LOL).
Good thing I found the pair easily.


  1. it is always interesting to find a good used things. :D

  2. nice shoes!!!
    i have no patience in doing so, ukay ukay. never bought things from ukay sisters did.


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