A New Chapter of Mama's Life

Mama will soon be retiring from work at age of 65. I know deep inside she still want to serve the government as an educator. But since it’s mandated that teacher’s shall retire at that age, so mama has no choice but to leave.

She’ll be facing another chapter of her life. A better life….

This time …

…… a longer praying time (which she usually do as early as 3 am) and do Shibashi exercise

…… more time with her plants. (Mama loves plants especially flowering plants)

…… write a book (I’m encouraging here to do blogging…)

….. maybe a part time college teacher

….. a facilitator on seminars (this is her talent and skill)

….. travel

And ….

…… a longer quality time with my father.

How about you? Do you have any suggestion activities for a retired teacher? Feel free to leave comments. Spiced up my life! Spiced up my mom’s life!

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  1. Your mama should write about education in the blog. :D

  2. Thanks Dana for the comment. I wil tell my mother about it.


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