My Score for Smart BRO

Ive been using Smart bro for almost a year now. But honestly I never enjoyed their service. If I’ll rate it, I’ll give 1 out of 10 (10 as the highest). The very reason is speed. Grrrrr! Imagine opening a website alone took me almost an hour. How much more downloading and uploading photos or files? Oooohhh… Better not bother to ask me. That's why I’m wondering how reliable their advertisement on speed test between their product and their number 1 rival.

Okay fine! To be fare with Smart Bro, I’ll consider the location. But we have cell site in our place! Does it mean there something in their antenna (?) installed in our site?

Hmm…..I need to investigate on this matter!


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  2. That is the same reason why I did not pursue my plan of purchasing one. I heard this kit works better on laptop than when it is used in desktop computers.


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