Medical Teaching Courses: Be Enhanced! Be Updated!

Learning is a continuous process. It does not stop after you receive your diploma at school. Continuous process since from time to time there are new discoveries, innovations and changes. Moreover, to grow as an individual whether in academe or any aspects in life we need the teaching-learning process. Both are aligned, we learn to teach, we teach for other s to learn. That’s what I called social responsibility. 

In the field of medicine where discoveries and technologies are fast changing, doctors and other professions related to medical must keep updated to the changes. Thus some of them enrolled in a medical teaching course or doctors teaching course to enrich their roles as senior doctor and consultants and to receive the currents theories applied in medicine.

Oxford Medical runs teach the teacher course for doctors in both London and Oxford. This is especially developed for the doctors who are in the academe and do clinical instructions to give them a formal education training to doctors in improving their teaching skills and as to keep abreast on the techniques in the most effective way of mode of delivery of their lessons.


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