Personalize Number Plates

Now I understood the importance of having a special identity… for vehicles…

We were in the mall last Sunday. I was separated from the group (my family) because I have to pick-up my order (apparels) for my small business. I went back to the mall’s parking area where my sister’s car was parking. I don’t mind her car’s number plate since I can easily recognize it. Actually I tried to memorize it…. But I’m very poor in memorization(LOL).

I was faced with the problem when I saw at least five cars that were the same with my sister’s car. I tried to contact them, but my phone’s battery is already emptied. I have only one option left, to peek on the tinted mirrors of the car. When I was doing this I was a bit nervous because somebody might caught me and interpreted it wrong. Good thing I found it easily.

Now I see the importance of memorizing the number plates. But I think it’s easier to memorize the number plate if it’s something related to the owner, or something that is significant to the owner.

Personalizing number plates doesn’t only give the owner the feeling of recognized identity but also assures that it can simply be remembered.


  1. yeah, personalize number plates will be really helpful. I have some funny one here (a little techie though)


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