Limited Paypal Acces Resolved!

After sending emails to paypal regarding with my problem with account limitation, finally, my paypal account is back to normal.

Perhaps this experience of mine will give some tips on how to resolve the paypal account limitation problem. This actually lessons I learned from my experience.

1. It was last June 24, 2009 when I received a notice from Paypal that my account is suspended or limited (the right term should I say) and needed my immediate action. I wasn’t able to confirm my debit card at that time since I was newbie then. And I honestly do not know how to use Paypal and my EON card.

It was only last week when I realized I need to cash out my earnings from my online earnings. And it was only the time I recognized the limitation problem.

Lesson # 1: Stop procrastinating!!!

2. When I opened my account I was greeted with a limitation access greetings and gave me a link on how to resolve the problem through their resolution center. Checklists of actions to be made were provided.

I tried number one option which is by confirming my credit/debit card. But it did not work. A message popped-up that says my account is limited and confirming my debit card is impossible.

So I contacted the paypal’s customer care regarding the problem. They emailed me with the same solution. So I did the same process, received the popped-up same message…. E-mailed the costumer care but this time I told them I need a clear step by step solution.

I e-mailed them twice thus I received two e-mails. As advised I tried to resolve the problem by providing them documents that will attest that I am the owner of the account. I provided them with my 2 x 2 photo. The funny thing is that I overlooked the word “ID”. LOL…. It should be photo ID (driver’s license & passport.) I do not have these photo IDs so instead of uploading my other photo ID I asked them first if my PRC ID or SSS ID will do.

They did not reply to my query anymore. Instead I received an e-mail from paypal informing me that my access was now unlimited! It’s back to normal!

It’s either they like my 2 x 2 photo or they were stunned with my Mona Lisa smile. LOL…. Whichever the reason is at least now I can fully enjoy their service.

Lesson # 2: Ask, ask, ask…… That’s why there is Customer Care.


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