Finally the result of LET exam was released; and I passed!!! I knew I’ll make it though I only spent two hours of self review for just a month since I’m working. Thanks to the PNU reviewer I purchased through ebay.ph. It was really a big help especially that I only studied the professional education for a semester and during Sundays.

I am now Teacher-Engineer Marianne (LOL). I passed the exam for electronics engineer last November 2004. Since I resigned from my job at Manila as an engineer, I never had a chance to work here in Davao that is in line with my profession, though I really love to. But fate changes… I came from a family of teacher then maybe I am also destined to teach. I’m following my mom’s footsteps something that I didn’t want to do ever in my life. I hope it will turn out to be perfect or at least I can find fulfillment in teaching profession.

I'm haunted with this question: "Should I burrow my license as engineer and embrace the heroic life of a teacher?"


  1. i am very JEALOUS!LOL. ENGINEER AND A TEACHER,my gosh you are blessed, girl. teaching is a nice job. sharing knowledge to your students is very awesome. i missed that job.
    good luck and enjoy that new job!

  2. THanks Faye... life of a teacher is not easy. It's indeed a heroic act

  3. galing! you can teach without burrowing your engineering license. I myself is a reg ECE. pero i doubt if I will teach. wala akong patience! hehe.

    goodluck sa iyong teaching career.

  4. congrats ur smart enough to pass i know it

  5. Congratulations! That's such a great achievement. :)


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