2nd and 3rd Appointment for My Teeth Braces

2nd Appointment:

After my orthodontist studied my teeth profile she called me for an appointment for teeth cleaning and molar separators will be inserted between my molars.

Unfortunately she discovered three teeth that need to be restored (pasta).

3rd Appointment:

I know there no such word as rerestore. Actually the teeth that need to be restored were already restored but need to be restored again. That’s why I called it rerestored. It was a very tiring process because you have to open your mouth wide most of the time. And it took 2 hours to finish the whole process.
My dentist was telling me to relax my tongue because it moves, actually it’s moving involuntarily. I cannot control it. And she’s getting impatient with me. I hope she understand that it’s not easy lying down the whole two hours with mouth widely open. LOL… So what her assistant did is hold my tongue using the suction tube.

But the sacrifices are all worth it. At least my teeth especially the front one was restored properly.

Few days to go and my braces will be installed. By the way the molar separators were already inserted.


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