Need for A Desk Lamp

I admit I sleep in my parent’s room… Ooopppsss!!!! I’m not mama’s girl or papa’s girl! (LOL…) I sleep there because it’s the only room with air conditioner. Its summer and temperature skyrocketed to 35 degree Celsius. Blame it to El Niño! Anyway my parents love the thought that I sleep with them (LOL).

But I feel guilty. I think I’m one of the reasons why my mom’s weight dropped. Since I sleep late at night, doing some stuff like reading, blogging, texting, etc, inside their room, then my mom can’t sleep well because of the light. But by mother’s nature, she won’t admit that she doesn’t like it…

Sometimes I worked in our living room or in our mini library so that she’ll be able to sleep well. But once I get inside she’ll be awaken and she’ll had a hard time on sleeping back. Also, she doesn’t want me to work outside their room because of the blood-thirsty army of mosquitoes.

I’m thinking of buying a desk lamp; at least the light is minimize and I can still work for the things I needed to do. There are many summer lights sale out there at least I can purchase one with a lesser price from its original. What do you think?


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