Trip to Hagimit Falls

I was supposed to attend an exam for a job last May 3. But since the location is in a subdivision located in an island, the Island Garden City of Samal, I asked my boyfriend to accompany me.
When we are at the location, my boyfriend discouraged me. He’s just concerned since the place is secluded and the employer who emailed me about the job is a Korean. I agreed with him although I was a bit disappointed and wanted to really try it.
Instead of going back to Davao City we decided to explore the island. This is what I wanted a long time ago. You know I’m quiet adventurous. It just that I do not know anybody, who like me, wants to explore the beauty of nature.
Anyway, I was surprised my bf knew some good spots in the island. I never thought that aside from white beaches the island has its secret beauty in the heart of it – the Hagimit falls. I was delighted by the beauty of its blue green water guarded by tall trees; the sound of the falling water is so relaxing making me want to jump and feel its coolness. But as I said I went there for an exam thus, not wearing the proper attire for swimming.
But hey! I didn’t leave the place without dipping my feet in it.


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