Jobs Fair

It’s Labor day. I can still remember how I spent last year’s labor day - jobs fair day…

Hoping to be hired in a prestigious company, as early as 6 am I went to Gaisano Mall of Davao wearing corporate attire, well comb hair, resume printed in a very expensive printer, and well rehearsed on the possible question that the interviewer might ask. I tell you it isn’t easy to get inside the mall. Gosh! I can’t imagine how many are jobless. Honestly it’s a desperate view when you’re at the 2nd floor and looking at the hopeless people seeking for a job. It’s the scenario that I promise to myself I would never go again. It doesn’t help anyway.

When I submitted my resume, three employees told me that they will just call; whether they’ll hire me or reject me. But look 365 days had passed by and I didn’t receive any single call. I don’t believe I’m less competent, with the knowledge and skills I gained both from school and my work experience. I think Job’s fair is only a black propaganda!

If you’re looking for a job... You better stay in your home rather experience what I experience. And anyway jobs is just right in your screen. All you’ve got to do is explore the world wide web.


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