Kalabo for Cough

With sudden change of weather it is expected that the partner of it is flu, cough or fever. That’s why take a dose of vitamins C. But if you’re already suffering from those sicknesses, I suggest Kalabo (oregano) leaves. Though taste is awful but it’s very effective. We always use this as one of our natural home remedies. My family prefers herbal than manufactured medicines. But of course as old reminder goes: “If symptoms persist consult your doctor.”


  1. Actually yan hinahanap namin ngayon sis para sa ubo ng hubby ko... wala kasi yang kalabo dito sa amin.. huhuhuhu!

  2. Kalabao ba twag nyu dyan? "Kulabo" sa amin! We have that herbal plants before pero ngaun wla na! yeah its very effective sa ubo at sa sugat! Nice post


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