Gold in an IRA

My mom told me that one good investment is jewelries especially gold, since the value does not depreciate. I remember one scene in Dear John movie; John and his father were asking for the value of the coin that John had found. And they were advised to keep the money for it would eventually cost a million of bucks after many years. From then on collecting coins became John’s father habit.

One article I read and learned from is that if you had purchased a $25,000 of gold bullion coins in early 70’s you could sell it today in as much as $ 524,999.00. That’s a lot of money, isn't it? How much more the 401k Gold? I just can’t imagine how their values multiply in to thousands of bucks.

If you have gold right now, think for a long term goal. Maybe currently, the cost is high but I tell you, keeping it in a gold IRA is like growing a money tree. Gold in an IRA is the ultimate asset; it’s the oldest yet durable well-preserving asset on the planet. With IRA gold you are ensuring your family's future when it comes to financial security.


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