Fire Prevention

It was hot midday; El Niño is getting worse here in Davao. As usual we are experiencing rotating brownout and it’s longer than the previous month. Thus when the light suddenly off one afternoon, it wasn’t new to me, only that afternoon something is unusual with the fluctuating current. The lights shut off by 12 noon but returns after a few minutes, then off then return. By two pm, the light totally shut off, but I’m wondering why the aircon was was still on…

Until I heard screams outside. The main switch was starting to spark. And everbody was in panicked; two of the fire extinguisher was not working, good thing there is a spare and was able to put the fire off on time.

The incident had thought me lessons:

1. There should be regular check up of electrical wirings of your house or buildings
2. Check the pressure gauge of the fire extinguisher regularly to ensure its functionality.
3. There should be training on how to use fire extinguisher and on how to put off the fire (such as you cannot use water on fire when the cause is faulty electrical wirings).
4. (Worst scenario) Make sure to insure your house or office buildings. If you’re not prepared for a long term insurance then temporary insurance will do.

These are just simple tips from me. Hope you learn something…


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