4th Appointment for My Teeth Braces

Super excited to see my dentist, finally my teeth brace will be installed. …

On my way going to my dentist’s clinic my phone rang. It was one of the staffs of my dentist informing me that my two teeth will be extracted. And honestly I was disappointed. I want to back out. I thought I cannot give up my two teeth for my braces. But on the other hand, I was thinking of all the process that I have gone through, not to mention the amount I already spent for my teeth braces. Although it’s hard for me, still I decided to let my teeth extracted.

The whole process sucks. As my dentist tried to pull my teeth, this may sound crazy, but I thought my teeth were crying, begging me to discontinue it. It’s very painful. It was like losing someone closed to my heart. (LOL…) I wouldn’t want to undergo this process again.

By the way, I already have teeth braces on my lower teeth. And have to be back after a week for the upper. (Sigh)


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