Art of Disney

Though getting older, I admit I still love cartoons, especially Disney. And I think I will never loss interest in it. You know, I’m young at heart … I know it’s just a fantasy but I just love the thought that [in some Disney movies] people can talk to animals or plants. I wish in real life we could also do it; at least we know what the animals or plants wanted to say. Or at least if there’s no one I can turn to then they’ll be there for me to give me advices. LOL…

I also love the scenes where the villain losses and when the prince charming rescues his princess… and they live happily ever after… LOL…. Hopeless romantic…

What I also love is the cartoon movie itself, the story line, concept, production, music, the voice over, and especially the drawing. The Art of Disney never fails… very realistic and very fascinating to the viewers especially to kids.

You know I love arts, that’s why when I watch cartoon Disney movies I cannot help but envy to the one who draws the cartoons. I wish I could be part of the team and draw for Disney cartoons. I draw some of the Disney characters before, a project of my niece, but I am only using crayons, and the effect wasn’t good as the original. I’m looking for Art of Disney in the internet to inspire me in creating one and found Their painting collections are excellent.


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