A New Look

I tried the new feature of blogger, creating a design template, in my other blog Life Ascending. I love it because there’s no need for me to re-add the gadgets like links and blog roll which is very tedious on my part; unlike before when you change the template, it also means losing almost all gadgets that your site had already installed.

I love my old template. But I also want to try a new look for my blog, especially that I have also seen some blogs using the same template as mine. Like the ad on axe for men, I also get easily bored. You know women!!! LOL….

Changing template, for me, is like changing my outlook in life and this is a good start…


  1. this is a cool layout u have here.

  2. Yeah, the new blogger designing is uber sweet! (=

  3. Thanks imelda and devil_under_light

  4. HI devil_under_light, I wanted to visit you back but it seems your site is unaccessible


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