VOIP: Connecting People

We were elated when my sister announced to us that her visa for Canada was approved. Although letting go is hard for us but we all know it’s her dream. And we now, this means she’ll never stay with us for the rest of her life. That’s why my mom really cried hard on the day she left us.

The first month was hard for all of us, especially when she sends picture. But with all the technologies that are provided today, connecting with love ones is not difficult. I am lucky since I have an access in the internet. Our communication is constant through Yahoo messenger or Chikka. But of course it’s different when you hear each other’s voice. Thanks to those who created the VOIP – the cheapest way of making international calls. It is also called Internet telephony, a voice conversations over the internet. I couldn’t elaborate it further but in case you’re interested check truvoipbuzz.com – your ultimate VOIP Resource.


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