Meet "Magic"

One of the greatest spots in Eden Nature’s Park is their Bird Sanctuary. With the chirping of the birds and the greenery around, I find it very relaxing. But one bird stands out – I don’t know if it’s a parrot. But it’s a talking bird. She’s the most talkative bird there. She keeps on babbling words which we could hardly decipher.

At first were intrigued where the voice coming from. Because other birds in her cage where she stayed were not entertaining. She was just peeking in the window of her bird house. A very shy-babbling bird!

When she decided to go out from the bird’s house we were shock with her looks – she’s half naked. It’s only her head were covered with feather. But besides her look it’s with her where we enjoyed the most. The kids love her so much that they ignored other birds. I think we spent almost an hour with her talking nonsense.

Why my title has a “Magic” word on it? She actually blurted those words the only clear words that came out from her mouth, and the kids decided to call her MAGIC.


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