Lost and Found Eye Glasses

I was looking for eyeglasses in the internet, because my mom needs a new one. I stumbled in an online store for eye glasses, the zennioptical.com, where you can find different styles of eye glasses from very simple to sophisticated style. And each was intricately designed, chic and classy.


Looking at the eyeglasses reminds me of one incidence, just happened recently...

We’re almost late yesterday morning because my sister’s eye glasses was lost and wanted to trace up it to the store where she had gone on the other day. She’s a little bit dismayed because it was newly purchased and its quiet expensive. But her kids were more dismayed because every stop means losing a single minute for them to catch up school before the ring bells... LOL

Unable to find it, she’s decided to purchase a new one since she needed it badly. It’s here partner since her teen years. And as if she can’t live without it. Surprisingly their working student found it in the shoe rack this morning.

I think it’s a proof that my sister is really getting older. LOL… (shhh…) And she honestly admits it! Good thing she found it timely or else my sister might spend another thousands pesos for her eyeglasses.


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