Online Review for LET

Although I mentioned already about my online review before but I’d like to reiterate it as tips or advice to those who will take the board exam for teachers this September. Especially to those who are working and reviewing at the same time.

I searched for an online review before but unfortunately it doesn’t work in my computer because of some plug-ins that are missing. But I didn’t stop there instead I used the resources I could get from the world wide web. Remember internet is very rich in knowledge/facts/resources. But you also have to be careful in picking reliable sites since some are from personal point of view; not based on facts, Scientific evidences, or principles. And you could possibly land into websites that are misleading.

Anyways, In my case, since I major mathematics, I looked for an online Math review. And found some sites that are interactive with their online Math tutor. I tried it once as trial for the online tutoring. It’s effective way of learning, at the same time it’s fun. I wasn’t able to continue the interactive way of learning because of the time constraints. Instead I browsed some sites with Math problem solver where I could find ways or approach in solving math problems.

With the online Math help I was able to used my time wisely. I spent my free hours at work for reviewing Math and spent two hours at night for professional education and general education.

But remember when you really aim to pass the exam you have to focus yourself in reviewing, forget about the facebook or other social networks. I know it’s tempting but it really takes a lot of discipline in your part. During my review I take a vacation outside blogosphere…. But I also sneaked…. You know blogging is addictive. LOL…

I hope this will help. Good Luck!!!


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