Father's Day

The whole family gathered (except for my sister and some in-laws) last Sunday in our parent’s home to celebrate the father’s day at the same time post celebration of my parent’s wedding anniversary. My mom’s original plan is to have an activity with the grandchildren, a sort of goal setting and after that a game called “Know Your Tatay (grandfather)”. But the kids insisted that they wanted parlor games like what we usually do during Christmas. Of course mama cannot resist them here’s some pics of the parlor games....

Newspaper Dance

Lemon Dance

The famous "hep hep hurray" game of Wowowee

The kids of course prepared greeting cards for my father (I forgot to take a pic)… and a cute gift, a pair of toothbrush with a heart in it, for their wedding anniversary (June 17).

Couple's Toothbrush

I love the cute heart in it


  1. i love the pair of toothbrush! it's cuute :3

  2. I recently visited your blog. It is a very interesting one. Keep it up.


  3. Thanks Alan. I love to hear those inspiring words. I am now more motivated to write...


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