Getting Ready

I need to focus on my schooling. That’s why as early as possible I have to plan what information system project should I submit at the end of semester. I’m honestly anxious because in the first place I’m not an IT graduate; though somehow I can relate to IT. Another reason is that I’m not working in the academe and my current job is no longer IT related; so I would really find this course quiet difficult. I am now relying to my stock knowledge and have to study hard to catch up.

Anyway, you’ll probably ask why I enrolled in Masters Degree in Information Technology. The very reason is that I’m widening my chance to get a job. You know IT is one of the most in demand profession in this digital age. Besides I’m also aiming to apply as college professor.

To be honest with you, I wanted to quit. But since I already started this then might as well finish this degree. I know this wouldn’t be easy but with the resources I can get through the internet then I think I’ll be able to understand the whole IT thing (sigh…). I am now collecting ebooks and pdf files for my reference. Just good I found a new pdf search engine.


  1. Don't worry ate. I know you can do it. Just keep on trusting yourself and God. He may know d best things for you. Goodluck to yer studies! ^_~

  2. Thanks Joni.... SArap ng may younger sister. hehehe... bunso kasi ako.


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