If you hate the smell of durian then don’t make any trip going to Davao these days (Specifically between month of July to September). Because from the moment you step down from airplane you’ll be welcomed with sweet pungent aroma of the king of all fruits - durian. And you can’t get rid from it because wherever you go you can see this thorny fruit along the highway or in every corner especially in the city proper of Davao and other nearby cities.

King of All Fruits

King of All Fruits

The smell of durian may like hell but I tell you it taste like heaven! My sister hated durian before…. We forced her to taste it and eventually like it. Same with my boyfriend, before, he would just look at us as we enjoyably eat the rich, buttery smooth luscious flesh of durian fruit. Curious of the taste of durian he would just join the group and eat small amount of it… and later became addicted to the fruit.

Flesh of Durian Fruit This may look gross and smell like hell but taste like heaven!

So, before you decide to back-out on your trip going to Davao… why not give your taste bud a new adventure. Try just a little amount of Durian… then try another… and try at least one flesh of whole seeds…. And eventually you’ll fell in love with this bad-odor-OH!-so-yummy-Durian!


  1. i dont know but i just can't take the smell of durian.. huhuhu!

  2. Okay lang na sis! Sa start lang na lain

  3. i've never tasted durian fruit. i know the smell and eat the durian candies.
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  4. masarap ang durian..may tanim kami niyan..


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