Fresh and Green………But not Ripe!

Lansones Soon this cluster of fruits will be ready for harvest. And I can’t wait it!

I’ m so happy to see the lanzones bearing fruits. The last time it bore, early this year, was affected by El Niño. The fruits were small and when it ripens it breaks…

I remember our first harvest of lanzones fruit from our backyard, that was way back August 2008. We’re able to fill more or less two craters of lanzones fruits out from one tree. We do not sell it instead we share our blessings to the entire neighborhood.


  1. we have lanzones here in our front yard too...but it's still young. so that's why my mother-in-law's lanzones were small and slightly opened, it was because of El Nino, didn't know that. now i know...thanks for the info.

  2. can i just have the lanzones instead of the durian, haha....
    nice blog here:)

  3. hahaha.... durian is more delicious than lanzones...try it.


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