I Am Beautiful

Okay… Okay! I’m beautiful. LOL… No matter what they say!!! LOL

I may not have the perfect face, the model-looks, and coca-cola body but I still feel beautiful and sexy. As they say we can always feel beautiful in different ways. However no matter how I told myself I’m beautiful I would still want to improve the way I look. I may sound hypocrite if I say I am contented with my looks and physique. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful anyway?

When you have good looks and in good shape, more likely you are confident. That’s why Cosmetic Surgery is born. Cosmetic surgeons are goddess to those who are less blessed with looks. They are the booster of self confidence and self-esteem. They are like fairy that will expunge the sagging skins and wrinkles in a few weeks making you look younger half of your age.

If you observed, cosmetic surgery mushroomed anywhere. More and more people, especially woman, went to cosmetic surgery; spending a lot of money just to look beautiful, sexier and younger. To some it’s lavishness to others it’s essential - looking good, feeling good!

By the way, if I have a chance to remodel any part of my face, it would be my puffing eye bags, my nose, my crooked teeth, my skin, my chubby face….. Oohhh!!! It’s almost all part of my face and body. LOL…. But hey I truly love the way I look. I am Beautiful!!!!


  1. yes you are beautiful......i will try your request........


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