Gift for Venus

I want to give my niece, Venus, a gift. I was thinking of a compilation of her favorite songs. She has the talent in singing. She has a good voice. She sings a lot and sings out loud. My mother always scolds her for her uncontrollable volume of her voice. LOL … But she’ll just laugh out and sings at the top of her voice.

We encourage her to join a singing contest because we see she has a future in singing career. We would like to see her shines like a star like Charice Pempengco, and other Filipino stars that are now successful in their career as a singer. But on the contrary she doesn’t want to become a professional singer.

We are trying to persuade her by showing to her singers who are now living comfortably because of their position in the showbiz. But she’ll just ignore us.

For the meantime, I will support her interest in singing by giving her a copy of her lyrics and mp3’s of her favorite songs. This is what I planned to give her; it’s precious and priceless. Besides it wouldn’t be hard for me to look for mp3 since I can easily download in the internet through MP3 Search Engine.


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