Learning Photoshop

I really do not know how to use Photoshop. But since I was tasked to make a design for a tarpaulin for the IP curriculum I started then to practice and learn about the tools in Photoshop. Ever since, internet has been my partner for the tasks. I am a type of person who loves to try new ways of doing things. Perhaps I can call myself Jack of all trade… master of nothing. LOL….

I still consider myself as a novice in Photoshop. When I looked on some tarpaulins displayed on the street, I studied the color combination, the font, the effects, the style, etc and tried to copy it, for the sake of practice. I want to lay-out billboards, logo, ads…

Currently I’m studying the text effects using the Photoshop through online tutorial. I really want to become expert on this because I know I can earn extra income with it, especially now that’s its election time. Actually, now a days, tarpaulins is usually used for birthday, baptismal, wedding and other occasions.

I also know some online business here in the World Wide Web where expertise in the Photoshop is needed, such as the header, background and custom logo design. I’m actually planning design for my blog logo. When will that be? LOL….. I still do not know. I’m quiet busy….


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