Love is in the Air?

crafted by my nephew, Ernie

It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow and Chinese New Year…. Mmmm… there’s nothing really special tomorrow. As usual I have no date on that day! LOL… I have a boyfriend but I don’t think he has plans for us… LOL…. Besides I don’t want to go out seeing all those sweet couples surrounding us. Especially seeing girls with the long stemmed roses in their delicate hands…. Ohhhh, I’m a helpless romantic… LOL…. And he’s not! (sigh)

Anyway, I don’t think there is a NEED for us to go out just to spend the Heart’s day, coz’ for us everyday is Valentine’s day… except the LQ days…. LOL.

Happy Heart's day and Kung Hei Fat Chai!!!

P.S. Hope my boyfriend will read this post…. LOL


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