Moving with Omega Shipping

One thing to consider when you are planning to be relocated are your belongings. Either you sell it or bring it with you. Selling them is easier than the latter. But most likely you’ll sell them in lower price and worst, give them away since they are already used items.

Bringing all your stuffs is another option. But you cannot do it all alone without the aid of Omega Shipping. Whether you’ll transfer in a short distance or into another country especially if it travels across the sea, Omega Shipping can provide you with their efficient services through their skillful professionals.

With Omega Shipping you can be assured that your belongings are handled well with full insurance coverage. Certainly, credibility and reliability of Omega Shipping is important to consider. Omega Shipping is registered and member of several bona fide organizations such as Federal Maritime Commission, U.S. Customs as a bonded container station, Department of Transportation (DOT), Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), Household Goods Forwarders Association of America and of the Better Business Bureau.

Omega Shipping International values your belongings…. Because they value they customers.


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