A Valentine Surprise….

No roses. No Chocolates. No cards. No greetings… It’s a blue valentine…

I felt blue that day and easily get irritated with my niece who lived with us for more than 3 years. So she just stayed away; avoiding any scolds that she might get from me. (Sigh)

We were on our bed without saying any single word. Suddenly I notice a white paper neatly fold with a heart on it saying “This letter is special like you!!!” I was touched with her thoughtfulness. I hug her and thanked her… then she’s back to her usual self…. Her being playfully which sometimes irritating but most of the time funny!!!

Here’s the content of her letter:

Dear Ate Anne,

Happy Valentines Day to you!!! Hope you have a good health and you are always safe. Sorry for being naughty girl and untidy girl. Sorry for all the sin. Hope you forgive me. Thank you!!!

Stay beautiful!!!

Once again!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day

From: Venus

To: Ate Anne


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