SFC ICON (Part 2)

The SFC ICON just ended. I felt renewed.

The last time I joined gatherings like this was 10 years ago. I was a Youth for Christ then… This time it’s different… I am matured…

I love gatherings like this. I love to see young adults praising and worshipping God. And I love to listen to their inspiring talks and testimonials on how God works and touches their life. Truly God is just in our sides waiting for us to respond His calling….

Yesterday we bid goodbye to Davao bringing God with us… And we say hello to Camarines – the next host for the SFC ICON….

P.S. Pictures are to be posted soon…


  1. hi marianne.. it's been a whyl since i've been looking for a blog of an SFC and i found yours..and decided to follow ur blogs from now on :) Stay inspiring! God bless


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