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Books - It’s my so-called sleeping pills. I usually read right before I sleep. You know a few paragraphs will make me drowsy. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bookworm nor a nerd who sticks my nose in the book. I’m just an average reader!

I love books. We actually have a mini library in our house. My mother was the one who purchased those books. I have only few contributions in our library because I do not have enough budgets for it. The last book I bought was the “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer. Ohhh… just like the normal feeling-like-teenager, I fell in love with Edward. LOL…. And I’m planning to buy the whole Twilight saga books.

But I admit, after reading a book, especially novel, it would only be stored in our mini library. A sort of collection, but later covered with dust. Sometimes it crossed in my mind, do I really need it. I remember in the book of “The Witch of Portobello” by Paolho Coelho (this is not the exact statement, however it has the same meaning) “book should be given away after reading it. Keep only those books that you think will help you or that will serve as your reference later.” I agree with Paolho. I think books such as novel or college textbooks should be rented rather than bought.

I do hope our town library has books that I love to read. But even though it has, I still had difficulty in going there since our place is remote and it would be time consuming and expensive on my part.

As an internet savvy, I tried to search in my browser if an online library exists like an ebooks. I never thought that the internet has gone this too far that bringing such comfort right in your place. Like BookSwim, the first online book rental library, they can lend you paperbacks, hardcovers and college textbooks delivered directly to your house. And the plus factor that I love in their services is that there are no late fees. Thus, I can enjoy the book without reading it in a hurry. And the good thing is that I can purchase the book that I love.


How it works? Just like the traditional library you simple request the books received it, read, and return. But of course the only difference with the traditional is that transaction is done online. But don’t worry about the delivery fee because it’s absolutely free in both ways with a pre-paid return bag with every shipment.

Internet brings you closer to the library; it’s just a click away.

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