Rustic Furniture

coffee table Aside from the fine weather, great foods and beautiful sceneries in Tagaytay, I also miss the rustic furniture displays along the highway. Though similar in design but you can simply say each pieces have its own characteristic that can never be duplicated, because these furniture are made from trees having its own trait in terms of texture, color, rings and form that was naturally designed by mother nature and was creatively used the craftsmen, turning it into beautiful pieces.


Seeing those rustic furniture alone made me feel relax. Perhaps because of the material that was being used making you feel closer to nature. One of the pieces that I loved most and would like to purchase is the wagon wheel bench. My grandfather has this old wagon before. Even before he died I already ask my mom about it because I really love the old wagon, it was more than half a century old but everything is still intact. The woods that were used are really that sturdy. I have seen in many gardens displaying wagon, either transforming it into chair or displaying it in a garden together with flowery plants. But when my grandfather died it was sold to my cousin. I was too late to have it. But its okay with me at least the new owner of the old wagon is my cousin. I do hope she’ll pass it over to her children.

Wagon Bench Photo Source


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