My Brother’s Newly Purchased Second Hand Car

My brother bought a new car. He trade in his old one to a second hand Toyota Lucida, but at least much bigger and better. He actually regretted when he sell his old car because it has a sentimental value for him. If only he has money then he would probably keep it even though he’ll buy a new one. But I guessed one reason why he bought a new one is because he wants us all to accommodate and have a comfortable ride, and since my father always requested him for a ride to our farm located in a rural area.

Toyota Lucida But since his newly purchased car is second hand then there is still a need for it to refurbish especially the interior. The air-condition unit is malfunctioning but at least it has a fan in it. My brother already schedules it for repair especially that they always visited us and the ride going to our house is dusty; I know he won’t let her little princesses covered with dust when they arrive. LOL… The chairs are in good condition. But I think he needs to change the floor mats to protect his car from spills that might damage the interior sine it’s already worn-out. I’ve seen in the internet a BMW X5 Floor Mats which he could use it a guide as what color that suits his car as well style that truly protects his car.

But so far the overall performance of his newly purchased car is quiet better compare to the old one.


  1. Nice one. Looks great, does not seem to be 2nd hand :-)

  2. Ooopsss I forgot to tell you that the picture is grab in other site. But that's the model which my bro had purchased.

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