Windows Live Writer for Posting Articles

After reading Joni Rei’s profile of Box of Cherries, I was quiet curious about the Windows Live Writer. She’s using it when posting new articles for her blog. Immediately I downloaded Windows Live Writer and tried.

It’s the answer of my question on how some bloggers used different fonts and and styles, including the strikethrough. I’ve been looking for it in the blogger, in the posting tab, but unfortunately I couldn’t locate it. Fonts are limited and I’m having difficulty when using numbers or bullets.

With Windows Live Writer, I can use different font styles and sizes, you can tilt the picture like what I did in my post “Lost and Found Eyeglasses”, text wrap, add borders as well as add watermarks to picture. Actually there are lots of features in Windows Live Writer that is useful in blogging. I still need to explore and apply it in my posts.


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    re socspark, i just registered and check daily if there are opps available for me :)

  2. @ rjs mama: thanks for the tip....


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