No collection policy has been implemented in all public schools a long time ago. My sister, as a school principal in one of the public schools in our place, has a problem of budgeting the very scarce funds for their school. Looking for financial resources, as one key to achieve quality education is one on the major issues that she has to face. There are already foundations helping them with their needs such as the TADECO foundation for their feeding program for the below normal or underweight pupils.

fund raising (Photo source)

My sister is thinking of some fundraising ideas to address the other needs of their school. I suggested to her to tap the parents of their pupils, since if there is somebody who wants quality education for the children it is the parents.

Parent and teacher through the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) can hand-in-hand plan for the fundraising activity. They could have the school canteen managed by the PTA fundraiser. Or they can search for more unique fundraising ideas through

But first they should have at least learned the fundamentals of fundraising for them to have guides in planning what activities they will engage to raise their targeted amount. It’s also necessary to create a plan for them to be guided by it and establish funding to ensure the growth and sustainability of the fundraising.


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