Transactions with Some Government Agencies

DFA Passport Appointment System

I was scheduled to process my passport yesterday. Everything went smoothly and the whole process was fast. By the way to those who are planning to get passport have an appointment first, either you call DFA or you go to their thumbs-upoffice to set an appointment. Be sure you bring with you the necessary requirements to avoid delays. For the first timer here are the requirements: Birth Certificate (BC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) or Certified True Copy (CTC) of BC issued by the Local Civil Registrar, much better if you bring both like in my case my NSO birth certificate was not clear so they ask me a copy of another Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar. Also bring at least three (3) supporting documents: photocopy of your valid ID’s, TOR, Baptismal Certificate, etc. (Actually the list of supporting documents is listed at the back of the application form.)


But I was a little bit discouraged on the encoding and picture taking process. Because the personnel assigned in that area was late. I honestly don’t know if there late coming in the office or they have just other things to attend to prior the encoding and picture taking.thumbs-up It’s almost 9:00 am when they started to clean and fix the gadgets for encoding and picture taking. We were more than 20 when they started. But in fairness to them, the process is fast.

National Statistics Office (NSO)

It’s almost 10:00 in the morning when I finished the whole transaction. And decided to get a new Birth Certificate from NSO since most of the time I needed BC. I have this dilemma before; it took me whole day to process it. I have to be in the NSO office thumbs-uparound 5:00 in the morning just to get ahead. When I arrived there was already a queue of people waiting. And I have to wait till afternoon to get my BC. But that was six (6) years ago. Yesterday it took me more or less than one (1) hour to get the BC. And one good point I see is that they already transferred into a bigger and spacious office.

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) thumbs-down

After getting my NSO BC I immediately proceeded to PRC office to get my certification for my license as professional teacher. Since there were only few people in the PRC Office I easily got my certificate. But I still have to wait till the end of this year to get my license ID card. (sigh)

thumbs-up Generally, transactions with government agencies are faster than before. In just half day I was able to transact with three government agencies… Hitting three birds with one stone!


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