My Twin Nieces

12 years runs so fast; my twin nieces whom I used to cuddled when they were still baby had grown into ladies. They are now first year high school students and quiet bigger than me. I used to joke them that I am their younger sister and they will just give me their scornful look. LOL…

twin My twin nieces

They move like ladies now… And even sneak to use powder. LOL… My sister prohibited them from using powder because of their asthma. Since birth they are suffering from this illness which they inherited from their parent. Perfumes, pets (especially the hairy one), dust and other powdery substances are enemies of my twin nieces. An exposure to these asthma triggering substances means seeing the doctor, medicines and taking absences from class.

But how can they prevent it if they are exposed to the causes of asthma. First, they are animal lovers. Though my sister had scolded them not to touch a dog nor a cat, but still they steal to cuddle our pet dog at home. They also love stuff toys; and as we all know stuff toys can hold a large amount of dust. Even though their room is air conditioned but they cannot prevent the accumulation of dust. Thus they need to have an indoor air purifier.

At least now they seldom suffer from asthma attack.


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