Tracking the IP Address and Location of Email Sender

I was hesitant at first to share this experience of mine because this is something private. But on the other hand I thought this might help others especially those who encounters same issue that I had experienced.

Last July 1, I received a text message from my bf telling me that he received an e-mail from me saying “I am in love to the other guy.” I was really shocked because I didn’t e-mailed him; and the term to the other guy” is quiet questionable on my part because literally it has different meaning when you say “with another guy”. “to the other guy” seems like my boyfriend knows already that there someone courting me. Right?

I cannot check my sent items in my email because internet speed at home is very slow. Helplessly, I tried to convince my bf that’s it’s not me. And that possible my email was used by a different user and knows my password. But he is close minded and convinced enough about the message.

First hour in the morning on the following day I checked my inbox and sent items in my email account. I didn’t receive a reply from him nor a message from me on my sent items. I know there’s something strange of the email message.

Good thing my bf gave me his password and able to access his account. At first, I cannot believe what I saw and read: it’s from me… clearly, my email address and my full name. But I’m wondering why I didn’t receive a reply message… I tried to reply the message again… and found out on the address box “TO:” an email ad that is similar to mine. The user was using an underscore in between the text and number of my email account.(ex. my email ad is the mystery sender used Believe me it’s hard to notice the discrepancy.

Intrigued where the email came from and with a little background in IT, I know it’s possible to trace the IP address and location of the email sender.

How to Trace the IP Address and Location of Email Sender
1. With the message open click the ACTION Button
2. Click view full header. A box will pop up. And search for the text “Received: from” and after this look for the set of bracket [ ]. Inside it is the IP address. Choose the last one if there is more than “received: from” word.
3. Copy the IP address. Google IP address locator/tracker. I googled it and used the first ten IP locator as suggested by the google search engine to check the reliability of it. I used in this example.

P.S. After I told my bf about the location of the sender, he knew who was behind this email sender.
Case close? Perhaps.....


  1. that`s scary but you did a great job!

    kudos for you and your partner! : )

  2. ive been getting a lot of email from my friend that has links to a viagra website! i guess my friend email add is not that secure

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  3. yes it's scary. Since the location was tracked my bf already knows who was the one who sent this email. Thanks to our technology..

    I do hope I could also get the name and contact number of the person of the sender.


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