Let’s Talk About Business …

Okay! I admit I’m not in the position to talk about this. In the first place, I’m not a businesswoman, I do not grow up in a business world, I do not come from a business minded family, and I didn’t enroll in a business course. But I am an aspiring one… a successful businesswoman someday… LOL…

Why business? I have read lots of articles about from rags to riches. And most of it is because of their successful business. And that’s one of my goals – to become RICH! Who doesn’t want to become one anyway? That’s why I’m thinking of business. I do have a small business currently; I joined Multi Level Marketing (MLM), also called as network marketing, direct selling and referral marketing. So far so good, with the constant purchase from my family at least I earned even just a little amount.



But that little amount isn’t enough. I plan to engage in a business like wedding/birthday/baptismal giveaways made from polymer clay. I have to boost it by introducing my products through internet marketing – facebook, twitter, and other social media and can even blog about it. I can make my own or purchase business cards for my costumer to have a way of contacting me. So on and on... I have this lot’s of crazy business ideas that wracking the nerves of my brain. LOL…. But there’s one problem. I do not have the PR skills, which I believe is a key to a successful business… I need to free myself from being too timid… because I cannot hide behind my computer forever for me to succeed in the business world.

Good luck to my plans….LOL..


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