Need Cell Phone Plans

I’m having problem with my loads in my cell phone. The Php 300.00 budget for load is not enough for a month. You know with all the monthly bills, payment for my teeth braces and for tuition, I’m trying to squeeze my budget and attempt to cut-off my budget for my cell phone load. But communication is really needed in my work and I cannot give it up. I tried unlimited texts but unfortunately it’s only good for 24 hours and I have to register daily.

Shrink BudgetI’m planning to enroll for a cheap cell phone plans; maybe the sprint cell phone plans. But I have this bad experience with this cell phone plans before where my bill skyrocketed to Php 3,000.00 which supposed to be only Php 1,000.00. I overuse my cell phone at that time because I was away from my family. You know calling love one s through phones is the only remedy to ease the loneliness when you’re alone. And almost every day I call them, so expectantly my bill is more than the amount that I was supposed to pay.

With the demand in my job, I guessed I badly needed to enroll for cool Sprint cell phone plans. But I still have to canvass first on different mobile carriers on their offers and plans that suits my needs and budget.



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