Monetizing Decision

Online jobs are flooding in the World Wide Web. They need thousands of jobseekers who can work online in full time basis. Of course you should have the knowledge and skills such as programming skills, link building, SEO, content writing, copywriting, encoding, etc. Salaries are high depending on your skills. What good about these online jobs is that you’re working right in your home; no need to rush to catch the bus, you can wear your pajamas while working, you can work either you take a bath or not (LOL…), and a lot more.

I’m considering this opportunity. But my problem is that we do not have good internet connection at home. I am planning to rent a room at the pr_dell_mini_fcity proper for me to get connected. Of course I need to get a new netbook because my mom is also using the laptop at home. I am actually  considering the Dell brand because I found a Dell discount coupon and other vouchers at which could help me purchase netbook in a lower price but with good quality and performance. But I need to read the Dell netbook review first before buying it.

Aside from the netbook that I will purchase I have to think about other expenses that I will spend: internet connection, room rental, foods, water and electric bills, etc., because I may end up receiving salary just right for the expenses. You know I need to monetize my decision.


(Photo from Dell)


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