Burning DVD

With the advent of our information technologies comes along the birth of paperless technology. Every time a seminar is conducted in our office, participants would always ask for a soft copy. They prefer it than the hand outs given. That’s why most of the time when a seminar-training will be conducted the facilitator would always prepare soft copy in disks of the topics to be discussed.


I usually do the burning of DVDs in our office. Burning a DVD can be a tedious and time consuming especially if you are using your desktop computer. It may take several minutes of burning single DVD depending on the size of files. Usually the number of participants in a seminar-training ranges from 30-300. So sometimes it took us one to two days to burn DVDs using one desktop computer. In such case, we need DVD duplication equipment to make the job faster.

Gotmedia.com a site, recommended by my friend, offers a different type of DVD duplication equipment. How I wish our office will purchase one especially that different seminar-training is conducted in our office almost every week.

Speaking of blank DVD I almost forgot I need a dozen or more of it because I need to back up some files or store files that I rarely use but can be used as reference in the future. I have to clean the hard disk of my computer at home because of its low speed performance.


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