My sister and I love to collect photos and have it scrapbooked or album. We love to reminisce moments through photos. It’s a great memorabilia that speaks a thousand words. It’s through pictures that your life be documented and can be passed from generation to generation. That’s why it’s important to print it with quality and store it well.

We have two boxes of pictures and hundreds of picture in my hard drive that still need to print, arrange and scrapbook. It was already two years stored in the boxes. And I’m worried; it might be destroyed by the moisture, dusts and some pests inside the cabinet. *sigh* I need to rearrange it and keep it in a safer box. I have to scan first the old pictures so that we’ll have a digital back-up of them and/or we can have printed like photo books.

Photo booksSample photo book


I have first seen this photo book on my cousin’s wedding last December 2008. It’s an album but I love it more because it looks like a published book, an autobiography, a memorabilia that records events. In photo book, pictures are arranged, designed, and captioned digitally, printed in a quality photo paper and bind just like books.


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