Dupang (Nettle Rash)

I feel so drowsy this time. Maybe because of the Cetirizin I took earlier. My whole body was itchy since yesterday and I cannot concentrate with what I am doing… besides I haven’t sleep well last night…

Rashes appeared yesterday noon after I cleaned my room. My father told me it’s “dupang” (nettle rash). I think I have allergic reaction with dust. The moment I noticed the red spot in my body, yesterday, I immediately took a bath and put ointment yet the itchiness persist. As much as possible I don’t want to take any medicine but since I’m in the office I do not have any choice but to take cetirizine just to get rid the itchiness.


  1. yup, i hate to take anti allergies, it can make me drowsy and wants to be in bed, all day, all night.
    be well:)


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