I miss my room…

Since my nephew was hospitalized I have to sleep in my sister’s house to accompany her twin kids. Of course I love to be with them, it’s our bonding time. But there’s no place like home…. No room like mine.

I recently transferred from our room last June. It was my cousin who occupied it for a couple of years. Since she left, I decided to transfer there together with my niece who lived with us.

What I love most about the room is that it’s big and it’s located in the second floor of our house. The windows are wide allowing natural light to brighten our room and air to circulate inside; you know I hate air conditioned room it made me sick. If I were to decide I’d rather not put curtains in the window, aside from the natural air coming inside I also love to gaze at the stars at night. But my 12 year old niece insisted because she’s afraid of “momos”… LOL…

But with the wide windows, sleeping in our bedroom during afternoon is impossible. It is very hot especially during summer. If not hot, I couldn’t also sleep well because of the light that’s coming inside. That’ why I’m planning to buy vertical blinds so that I can control the amount of light coming in.

Currently, we are also doing some rearrangement inside the room. I am planning to buy a table, extend our cabinet up to ceiling - because I hate seeing those clutters above our cabinet. I am also planning to make a painting that will be put in the wall which serves our headboard. Mmm…. Mentioning all these makes me want to buy it instantly. But I have to control myself because I have to prioritize my other obligations.


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