Kawasaki Disease (1)

It was exactly one week since the rashes appears on my nephew’s skin. At first we thought it was ordinary rashes, but he was also chilling due to fever. Thinking it might be dengue due to continuous fever my sister decided to confine her son in a nearby hospital.

After some lab test he undergone, the doctor told us the possibility of Kawasaki Disease. We were all dismayed with the news because it’s a rare case and the vaccines is quiet expensive. The doctor told them to prepare Php 90,000.00.

jay angelo My nephew – Jay Angelo

My sister and her husband decided to transfer into a bigger hospital. My nephew undergoes another lab tests, a more thorough one. The rashes started to dry out and his temperature is back to normal. Yet the doctors where 90% convinced that it’s a Kawasaki Disease. We’re still waiting for the result of the cultured sample blood from my nephew.


  1. thanks for dropping by Yan :)

    reading just the title i thought it was just a sort of a joke... never heard of this kind of decease before. prayers for your nephew, Jay Angelo. He's too gentle for such a very disheartening ailment, not to mention the cost. I hope the 2nd set of tests will turn out fine.

  2. thanks admin... I'll post here the update


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