I was surprised when I saw a comment in my other blog, Messages. Although it’s a sort of ads but still am happy to know that somebody stumbles  in my blog. I didn’t update the blog for a while because I do not have illustrations for the posts. I don’t want it to be purely text.

Comment My site was bookmarked (I do not know how true… LOL)

The blog, Messages, is all about my collections of forwarded messages, quotes from books that I have read, and other sayings that I love. The illustrations are drawn 100% by me. If you have time, please take a peek on my blog, Messages… I have new entry, about the Parable of the Pig and Cow

cow and pig cartoon


  1. My room is filled with my trash of papers were I've written my favorite quotes from the books I read and the text messages I received. I wanted to share it but I worry of copyright issue...


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